Been real busy with work, clients and other things.  Here is latest bp…working my way back.


3 Board
Cg Bp

185 4×10

Face Pulls-5×15


Pushdowns s.s. with bb Curls-4 sets

Hill Walks

First time benching in 2 weeks.  I am going to try and slowly work up.  With pec tear and then an elbow problem, it has been hard to make progress.  Don’t expect an update every week though, because this is pathetic.

Last months vids.



Speed Box Squats with Greens-315 8×2

Sumo Pulls with 1 min or less rest..

515 5×1
565 3×1
655 2×1
705 2×1
745xmiss…Just gassed.  Not my normal style and not quite as strong on them.



“You never know how strong you are, until being strong, is the only choice you have.”

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