Let me start by saying Tim was the start of something very special!!  Tim is a part of a gym about 30 minutes down the road from me.  Iron Mafia is a strong and very hungry gym.  I had met Tim and his crew briefly at the GSB Classic last year.  Fast forward to 3 months ago.  Tim contacted me for help.  Tim would later tell me, that he was kind of messed with for it.  Well, 6 weeks in, laughs turned to “What the Hell”!   His training partners took notice, as some that used to beat him day after day in the gym, were now getting their ass handed to them.  I loved it!  He was in constant communication and willing to run through a brick wall if I told him to.  His attitude, desire, and mental toughness was and is something that inspires me.  I am inspired as I write this.  Some guys are all substance and more then just numbers.  Tim is certainly one of them!

I will tell you a reason I feel so strongly about the type of person Tim is.   I worked with Tim in person one time.  It was his first time using a monolift.  He was shaky and trying to find his setup.  He struggled with 415 lbs, then again on 465 lbs.  Tim actually missed his second rep with 415 lbs.  I knew he was stronger then he showed.  I coached Tim through it, and he came back to hit 500 lbs that session.  A HUGE accomplishment for him!   It really affirmed my beliefs in him.

You want to know numbers….he started at 350, 325, and 525.  He ended his meet 12 wks later with 465, 370, and 600.  He came up with 500 on squat but was called for depth.  Tim again showed his metal at this meet.  He was finishing off a hard second pull of 600 lbs, when the collars slipped and the plates came crashing to the ground.  Tim would not let that stop him from doing what he set out to.  He went back out and pulled a beautiful 600 lbs to finish a great day!  235 lbs and close to 270 lbs in 12 weeks!!!

Tim has a bright future.  All he needed, was a guide.  Once he fills out, Tim will have a very large total.  Tim along with Iron Mafia (which thanks to Tim, I now train) is going to be a force in powerlifting in the near future.  HTS is dedicated to helping these guys!

Congrats Tim Albright!!

    600 lb Deadlift-Collars Came off.


600 lb Deadlift after Mess Up!!


 370 lb Bp

465 lb Squat



“You never know how strong you are, until being strong, is the only choice you have.”

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