Tyler is a 17 year competitive powerlifter, that came to me seeking help.  Tyler started HTS with personal bests of 285, 240, and 405 in the squat, bp and deadlift respectively.  Tyler is HTS’ youngest client, but doesn’t lack any commitment or desire.  I was very impressed with Tyler’s maturity and willingness to be coached.  A trait not always possessed by someone his age.

Tyler made no excuses, even though he could have.  He is a High School student and works several hours a week at his job.  Despite this time crunch and responsibilities, Tyler not only made time for the gym, he attacked it 100%.   All this culminated in a 170 lb total gain!  Tyler went 365, 280 and 455 on max effort day!

I am proud of him and I am very eager to help him go after his next goals.  I am sure with his desire and talent, he will! Congrats Tyler!

Can lifters in High School gain substantially with HTS?  Here’s Tyler’s words…

“Before I stumbled upon HTS, my training wasn’t going anywhere. Turns out, I didn’t know how to train. Adam really turned my lifting around 170 #’s in 16 weeks! Other people aren’t believing these results came drug free. Every question I asked, was answered without judgement, and it was answered without the BS. Now that I see what HTS is capable of… I’m proud to be a member of it.”
“You never know how strong you are, until being strong, is the only choice you have.”

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