A young guy by the name of Travis Hill contacted me 3 months ago.  He said that he was 15 and wanted help.  I love helping highschool athletes.  But, a lot of times they are not dedicated and they are just looking for a quick fix.  They are program jumpers.  After speaking with him and watching some of his vids, I was convinced of his dedication.  His strength was already great for any age, let alone 15.  Throughout the program, he always did what I asked of him, was eager to learn and always gave me great feedback.  This led to big gains!  I will let him tell you the numbers.

“HTS is an absolutely awesome program. The day I contacted Adam for help was a turning point for my career. He took me to the next level. His knowledge and skill were absolutely amazing. He was always there willing to answer questions or help guide me through whatever.
On HTS I took my my raw squat (W/O knee wraps) from 410 to 450. Felt like I could do even more! That’s a 40 lbs PR. He helped me take my bench from a Touch and go 280, to a strict pause 335. That’s a 55 pound PR! Also working with him helped me Take my best full meet deadlift from a struggled 535 to a clean 550, and felt like I had ten pound at least left in me!
Overall I greatly enjoyed working with Adam. He’s a great guy and an awesome coach. I Want to thank him for all he’s done for me and HTS is an amazing program.”

Congrats Travis, it was a pleasure and look forward to further gains together.


“You never know how strong you are, until being strong, is the only choice you have.”

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