I met Ryan at our annual GSB meet in Richmond Ky this May.  I had heard Ryan’s name quite a bit, as he has been involved in powerlifting for a lot longer then I have.  We spoke and bounced a few ideas around about his training.  Ryan  contacted me and wanted me to program him to raise his raw numbers.  I of course was more then happy.  Helping someone of his experience and humility is always a pleasure.  Ryan was always eager to do the next week, gave great feedback and gave it his all despite obstacles he had to overcome.  Ryan made good strides this cycle and look forward to helping him break through more plateaus in the future.  Watch the vid below for his results.

Here’s Ryan’s words about myself and HTS.  Let me say, I was taken back by his kind words and do NOT feel worthy.  But none the less, it is very nice to hear and are his words.

“I have been lifting for over 20 years now and 12 of them have been in the sport of powerlifting.  I have been around the block, enough to know when I see good workouts. I have been trained by some of the best in the business. People like Brent Mikesell, Ryan Kennelly, AJ Roberts, and Brandon Cass.

But none of them made me feel the way I did when I started training with HTS. It is by far the greatest workout I have ever done, not to mention Adam Hires is the best trainer out there in my opinion. Thank you for giving me the chance to be trained by you and look forward to future workouts. My video shows what I recently did. My goals for December are 665 495 585 1745.

When I put new gear on and start training with it, my goal is to turn pro at the Guerrilla Barbell Squad meet in Richmond, KY April 2013 with a 2250 total.

Thanks again Adam for training me.”



“You never know how strong you are, until being strong, is the only choice you have.”

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