Best squat: 375 to parallelBest bench 275×3 touch and go

Best deadlift 495×1 for past 5 years (hit 550 in DL only meet 5yrs ago)

Finishing meet numbers weighing in at 195lbs

Squat 450

Bench 305 (was probably good for 315)

Deadlift 550 (was probably good for 570/580)

1305 total

I have an incredibly busy work/travel schedule and a family. Adam’s
programming became my homework for the week and I managed it into my
calendar regardless of the timezone I was in. I only failed less than
a handful of lifts over the course of my training cycle and I’ve
learned the difference between testing strength and building it.

No two weeks were exactly the same…this kept me engaged and
challenged throughout the process. Adam always returned texts and
emails promptly…even while he was competing at RUM!

At 42 I’m making much bigger gains than I did in my 30’s and am
already working towards my goal of a 1400 total for my 43rd birthday.