Here’s Mike’s words about HTS. 

“My name is Michael Merrill, and I started using Adam’s program back in Feb 2012. I actually signed on for a 20 week cycle to prep for the 100% RAW Canadian Western Nationals. This was my first attempt at a raw meet, and coming from a multiply fed, I was in for quite a shock. Initially squatting wide, I had massive hip pain after all squat workouts. As a wide grip bencher due to my arm length, I was also having ongoing issues with my shoulders. It didn’t take long for Adam to find the weak points and make some HUGE training tweaks. We narrowed the stance to a little wider than shoulder width, which dropped my raw squat from 580lbs to about 500lbs. Within 12 weeks, I surpassed the 580lb with a 600lb raw squat, going ATG and pain free! Adam incorporated a lot of unique movements, and band work to help with my technique and flexibility issues. Similar thing in bench, as we narrowed the grip, and focused more on band workout, and lockout strength, which led to a increase in bench from a rough painful 380 touch and go, to a paused pain free 385, just missing 396 in competition,………..partially due to an injury, which I will explain next.

We focused on a lot of board work, bands again, and really focused on burning out the triceps near the end. Adam pushed me in every way, especially volume wise, increasing my workload to easily double what I used to do. Deadlifts were the fun lift. Having achieved a 660 with wraps in the gym, I already had a decent deadlift, but I wanted more. We specifically targeted, deficits, and heavy triples using bands to increase my deadlift, which gave me a 640 dl from a 3” deficit, 600 x 6 for reps, a 644.5lb competition pull that I smoked with a pulled hamstring, and a near miss at 678lbs, which had I not tweaked/pulled my hamstring on my opener squat attempt of 530lbs, I firmly believe I had a shot at 700lbs! Adam really helped me push past my plateaus, using volume and

techniques, That I’d never considered before. Even with all my questions and issues due to work schedules, ( 7 on and 7 off nights and days) he was able to custom fit me with an amazing program! And I am stronger for it, and look forward to my next cycle with him,…………..after some much needed vacation.”


Mike was a pleasure to work with and look forward to finishing what we started.




“You never know how strong you are, until being strong, is the only choice you have.”

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