Dynamite does indeed come in small packages.  Luke is my smallest client in bodyweight, but not the weakest, nor does he lack a huge heart or committment.  This guy’s attitude is contagious!   I was motivated watching him kill everything I threw at him and always wanted more.  Luke is a guy that you have to contain a bit.  I love clients like that!

Luke started HTS 12 weeks ago with personal bests of 310, 270 and 430.  He competed this last weekend at The USAPL Tennessee State meet.  He walked away with 325, 310 and 470 @144 lbs!  He easily hit his opening squat and left a lot on the platform there.  On the Bp, he set a USAPL record in his weight class and nearly pulled 501 lbs!  Huge improvements!!!

I am happy to say that Luke is signed up for another cycle with HTS and set his sights on a meet in June.  Look for major improvements from Luke once again.  Congrats Luke!





“You never know how strong you are, until being strong, is the only choice you have.”

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