Ken came up HUGE this last weekend!  Here is his write up.

495×1 (wraps)

Platform lifts
565–smoke show as it should have been
665–deep and smooth–140 lb meet PR.
I probably had another 20 or so pounds on this lift. After my opener, the nerves were gone. I settled down and hit great numbers.


Platform lifts
340–smoke show
365–Butter–5lb meet PR
385–stalled about 3/4 of the way up. Laura called for the spotters to take it, even though the bar never reversed direction.

I knew that in order to total elite, I needed 1654 and with the miss, I was sitting at 1030. I got nervous, but with Adam’s encouragement, I knew it was probably best to adjust my final pull to ensure that I hit it instead of taking the chance of a miss and missing elite.


550–absolute smoke show–I could have pulled it for 10
605–smoke show again–felt better than the opener
630–solid–30 lb meet PR–probably had at least 20 or 30 left in me.

Total: 1660–175lb Meet PR–275# class Raw Elite Classification

I knew once I pulled that final number that I had hit my goal: Raw Elite Total. The number wasn’t what I wanted, but I’m sure if I would have chosen my attempts better, I would have maybe even surpassed my goal of 1700.

All in all, it was a great meet, great prep and a result of a lot of hard work from myself, support from my friends and family, and great coaching by Adam.

Of course, being the guy I am, after it sunk in that I hit my goal, I was focused on fixing my faults and attacking my weakest lift (Bench). I’ll be focusing on bringing up my chest, upper back and continue the work on my triceps. I also want to fix my lockout strength on pulls. The last few inches of the movement are where I’m weakest so lots of hip work is in the works.

My next meet will be the Raw Pro/Am in January. I’ll be ready and 1800 plus will fall.

Final lifts:

665 squat


365 bench



630 pull

Congrats on the ELITE Ken!  Much more to come! 



“You never know how strong you are, until being strong, is the only choice you have.”

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