Let me just start off by saying, this story is almost unbelievable.  Dillion came to HTS  as another member of Iron Mafia.  He had been training and had good strength.  But, I realized in the first 2 weeks, this guy had a LOT of untapped strength.  Everything I threw at him he did without question and went about his job very quietly.  Dillion is a very soft spoken, humble guy, that just loves to lift.  He had me shaking my head several times.  I would actually laugh, as I watched some of his vids he sent.  Not for the lack of strength, rather the effortless way that he moved the weights.  Dillion is starting to realize how strong he can become.  Once he truly does, HTS will have another monster as a client.

Dillion started with a  330 lb Squat, 240 lb Bench Press and 350 lb Deadlift.  His ending numbers just 3 months later…. 475, 300 and 500@193 lbs!!!  Do the numbers, that is 355 lb total gain!!!!  Not much else you can say, the numbers speak.

Congrats Dillion!  In August, HTS will guide Dillion Hughes to a much higher total.



Bench Press:




“You never know how strong you are, until being strong, is the only choice you have.”

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