I had a great weekend!   I traveled to TN with 2 HTS clients and friends.   I watched Travis Rose go 8 for 9 in his first meet and see the fruits of his labor. He went 1400. Very proud of him and the way he stepped up.  Also, Jon Whitlow went and came away with a huge 70 lb pr squat with 700 lbs!!!  He finished with a 1750 lb total.  This was a pr as well.  I look for him to approach 1900 in his next meet.

I really love helping so many HTS guys!   Getting to go and help 1 on 1, is truly an honor.  Thanks for everyones support of myself, my program and my clients!!!

Thanks to Iron Mafia for their continued support.  I know they will continue to succeed and make a name for themselves.  Big Dan Forbes finished with a strong push/pull meet.  Congrats to him on his prs!






“You never know how strong you are, until being strong, is the only choice you have.”

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