Rum report…
I was feeling good in warmups and then on 500 I felt a slight pop in my left thigh.  The same one that I hurt 3 weeks ago.  It didn’t hurt bad but of course I knew with a big weight it would most likely tear bad.   I thought, I will just change my opener to 550 and ease it up.  Then go from there.   Josh Bryant (my coach) said no.  He saw it happen and said if you fire, it will tear.  He said to just to a token squat.  I took his advice.  On the bp I just sucked.  I went 425 and it was hard.  Not going after a total, i just scratched.  No excuses on this at all.  It could be that I just wasn’t into it (as bp is just to pad the total) or what.  But, my bp was not there.  Deadlift I opened with 727 and it was easy.  Josh called for me to go 805.  I barely moved this weight.  Josh said shut it down, that he could see I was compensating for thigh.  Not saying the result would have been any different regardless.
I knew there was a chance of this all happening.  If it wasn’t the RUM I would have skipped with the imjuries I had.  I figured, open light on squat, get a few in and then go for 1 big one.   That would be my best chance without injury.  It didn’t work out. Obvisously this is extremely dissapointing.  Of course the haters have come full force.  I have seen that I bitched out, dropped out when I saw Sam squat, said I was better then Coan, etc.  Just a bunch of bullshit!  I know, it should not bug me.  Well, it does that this sport has this.  That people will lie like this.  I am a competitor and drove 22 hours to do this meet.  Arguably my best lift is the squat, so not sure why I would skip for no reason.
I will step back, get healthy and try and figure out a plan with Josh.  I will not announce a meet and probably won’t post vids.  I will just show up.
Thanks for all the support from my true friends.  I try and respect all people and help.  Sorry if I offend people and come off as cocky.  I am a nobody just trying to hit my goals and help others achieve theirs.

Thanks again!



“You never know how strong you are, until being strong, is the only choice you have.”

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