Shoulder box, rotators, GHR, split squats, foam rolling and other warmups.

Standing Bradford Press-3 sets

cg bp-275×1  not too bad, but depressing.

Pushdowns-5 sets

Rear Delts

Kettlebell ohp

Some chest flushing


About it, along with some stretching.

Let me tell you about the ole great state of Tucky.  I am sitting there waiting outside of the courtroom (to take a piece of shit to court for small claims at my job).  There is this group of 5, that has 8 teeth between them, talking loud and acting like they are at a Nascar event.  There was an actual handicapped kid there with his mom.  After this kid is called into the courtroom (most likely the mom, he was just with her), they start to make fun of him.  Saying the retard must have stole something from Wal Mart.  At this point, I am trying not to get another court date, by smacking all 1 tooth out of this douchebag’s mouth.

Fast forward 197 minutes later (probably 57, but…), hearing countless mind numbing stories by these loud mouth inbreading sons of relatives, they call one of them in there.  This is where I would have done all tax payers a service….he was called in for a disability case.  WHAT THE FUCK!!!!  The only thing disabled on this fucktard, is his ability to not let anyone within 300 yards of him, know he’s a complete douchebag!

I am sure that he won his case, he came out smiling.  That yellow tooth was on full display.
Ole’ Tucky!

Last Sunday with Jon Whitlow down..


“You never know how strong you are, until being strong, is the only choice you have.”

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