I met Mark at our meet that I directed last year.  He seemed to be a good guy and I noticed he was very strong.  He Benched 450 and Deadlifted 635.  Mark trained at GSB for a brief period of time.  I was not there much, as I had a scheduling conflict.  After leaving GSB, Mark had not made much gains.  Mark contacted me about HTS, because he wanted a program that was solely based on his needs.   Marks best lifts were 620(gym lift), 470, and 650.  The Bp and DL were done in a push/pull meet.  Mark and worked together for 10 weeks and he competed in his first full power meet.  His numbers were really impressive!  He squatted 685, Benched 480, and Deadlifted 670.  So, he put 65 lbs on his squat, 10 on bp and 20 on deadlift.  Remember, is best Bench and Deadlifts were in a push/pull.  He left some on the platform as well!

Mark was always willing to put in the work it took, as well as correct some form issues.  His future in powerlifting is bright for sure.  An 1835 lb Raw with Wraps Total @259 isn’t too shabby!  Look for Mark to go over 1900 next meet.  I am proud to say, HTS and Mark will be smashing more prs this cycle.

Congrats Mark, you earned this!



“You never know how strong you are, until being strong, is the only choice you have.”

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