Light Box Squats

Leg Press-4 sets

Stiff Leg Deadlifts against dbl light bands-315 3×8

4 Board Cg Bp-up to 215×3….playing it safe.

Db Bp-3 sets

Tricep Pushdowns-6 sets

Strip the rack OHP-3 sets

Hammer Curls-3 sets

Tricep Overhead Extensions-3 sets

Concentration Curls (for the BB comments)-3 sets

Lying Leg Curls-3 sets

Not sure what else.  The other day I forgot to list shrugs and db front raises.  Again, nice and easy.  Doing some rehab and muscle building right now.  I will get heavy around the 12 week out mark.




“You never know how strong you are, until being strong, is the only choice you have.”

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