This past Sunday was truly a trainers dream!   I had several HTS clients come and train with me in prep for their next meet.  Most are doing the GSB Classic in Richmond Ky on April 21st.  I have never met some of these guys in person.  I have trained them for several months, watching them smash pr after pr.  Some of them have had progress that is hardly believable, even to me.  But, to see them hit prs and move weights in warmups that would have crushed them months earlier, had me shaking my head.  As Jon Whitlow said, it was like a family.  That was a HUGE compliment.  Not just to me or the guys, but HTS and what it stands for.  I set out to help others achieve their goals and treat people right.   It is run as my business, but it is so much more.  This really helped me realize how far HTS has come.  Real lifters achieving their goals, without inflated egos.

I am lucky to have the right guys come to me for my services.  I am under no false illusions, that this is all me.  IT IS NOT!  I always tell my clients, when they try and give me too much credit, ” I am only the guide.  I can NOT make you go to the gym.  I can NOT make you do what I put on paper.  It is you, that drags your butt in there and makes it happen.”

So, this day was a day of realization of how much HTS means to a lot of my clients.  Ken Shearer traveled 7 hours one way to be here!  I got several emails and texts of jealousy.  Other clients want to come here and do the same.  It will happen again and I CAN’T WAIT!  As Ken said, ” You have to love a passionate trainer.”  I am that if nothing else.  I genuinely love this sport and am dedicated to helping my clients.

I want to give a big shout out to Steve Poynter.  He is a stand up guy and allowed all us to go psycho in his gym….Poynter’s Iron Pit.  Also, check him out on   He writes up great nutrition plans!

Jump on the bandwagon and sign up with HTS today.  You will not regret it.  Just email me at

Ken Shearer on his trip to HTS (Speaking to another HTS client, Bill Deyette.) “He’s a crazy bastard Bill. You shoulda heard him yelling at me today. I think he scared a PR out of me.”




“You never know how strong you are, until being strong, is the only choice you have.”

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