Our annual meet for Guerrilla Squad Barbell, was this weekend in Richmond Ky.  One of my great clients, Ken Shearer came from 6 hours away, to take his last heavy squat, before his up coming meet.  He was also here to help me for the meet.  This guy is a walking, talking spokesman for HTS.  His work ethic, commitment and desire to the iron game is unquestionable.  The gains he has had on HTS is mind boggling.  He was stuck and now he shows no sign of slowing down.

So Friday, Ken, Kyle Jones and I lifted.  It was a great session.  Not so much for me, I am not going heavy, but seeing these guys kill it.  Check out the vid below! And when you do, keep in mind, Ken’s pr was 425 lbs on the squat and 480 on the deadlift 8 months ago.

Saturday was the meet.  I had several clients do the meet.  Everyone one of them had a pr of some kind.  And most had either 3 out 4 or 4 for 4 in prs (sq, bp, dl and total).  The guys from Iron Mafia absolutely killed it!  Tim Albright once again shined, Eldon Newcomb came away with a good total and performed up to expectations, Dusty Miller did great and surprised me in a few lifts, Chris Decker had a solid bp and Dillion Hughes did awesome and is just scratching the surface of his potential.  All these guys have solid futures ahead of them and are a pleasure to help.

Jon Whitlow was a bit off but still came away with a small deadlift pr.  He will be back stronger, just an off day.  Adam Marcum had a good first meet and showed a lot of heart.  These two are genuinely great guys!

It was a tough weekend with everything involved and took a lot out of me.  But, it gave me so much in return and will stay with me.  It is a feeling of happiness and pride that I can not describe.

Thanks to Robby Burns, Ken Shearer, Troy Higgins, Travis Rose, the SPF and everyone else involve to pull this off.  It is truly a team effort.

Also, a shout out to Steve Poynter for a great place to train (Poynter’s Iron Pit) and allowing us to do our thing.  He also was kind enough to let us borrow his monolift for the meet.  He is not a powerlifter, but respects and encourages powerlifters to tear it up in his gym.  I know speaking to Ken, Troy Higgins, Kyle, Iron Mafia and all the other powerlifters I train, we all appreciate it.  Message Steve if you need to lean out.  He does great work on his diet plans.






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