This is a basic guide.  Adjustments will be key!

What to do, what to do?!



Day 1

Box Squat-55-70% for 5-8 doubles

Squat-65-75% for 2 sets of 5 or a rep set

Arch Back Good Mornings-(light) 3×10

Chest Supported Rows-4×10


GHR-Build up to 100 reps

   Kyle Jones performing a box squat.  He is making big gains.

Day 2

Bp-2 sets of 5 or a few triples and then a rep set.

2 Board-heavy triple with and without tension

Wide Grip Bp-(Light) 3×15-20

Jm Press-4×8

Face Pulls-3×15


Day 3

Low Box Squat (Safety Bar if possible) for triples, Front Squats for 5’s, Olympic Squats for 5-8 reps or Leg Press

Deadlift-65-75% for 5 singles or a rep set

2-3” Deficit Deadlifts or 3” Block Pulls-Working up by 5’s and heavy triple

Db or BB Rows-Work up to 1 or 2 heavy rep sets


Abs (Heavy)

Lying Leg Curls-100 reps

  Ken Shearer has made huge gains on these techniques and HTS.

Day 4

Speed Bp-45-55% plus mini bands for 5-8 triples/ You might need to just do rep work every other week.

Db Bp, Db Incline, or Db Floor Press-2 max rep sets


Tate Presses-4×12

I, T, Y’s-3×10

Hammer Curls-3×10

Pushdowns-150-200 reps

   How you progress and back down will be a major component in your success.  I believe in bands and chains.  You have determine whether  they will help you at that point in your training.  Here is my basic overload suggestions.


325 lb Squatter and below-No Tension.

350-500 lb Squatter-100 to 125 lbs of chain or Light Band.

525-700 lb Squatters-150 to 175 lbs of chain or Average Band

725-850 lb Squatter-200 to 250 lbs of chain.  Average band mostly with an occasional heavy band in the rotation.

  I hope this helps some people out there.  For further info or if you want a customized routine, email me at




“You never know how strong you are, until being strong, is the only choice you have.”

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