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Client Reviews

It is a privilege to know Adam and learn from his commitment to personal development. His devotion to building others up is unmatched and he has directly helped me overcome obstacles in the growth of my business and mindset.

– Nick Wallace

Adam’s wealth of knowledge and experience has helped me to make huge strides in my business. Highly recommend Coach Adam!

-Jennifer Rosenstein Bock

Adam Hires is always on the mark! He is depth & breadth of knowledge from his ferocious reading appetite always prepares him with the daily ‘nugget’ you need. His positive attitude is most effective when coupled with his humanism and real life situations. Two Thumbs for this guy. Don’t wait. Start Today.

– Gianna Imperi Vennari

Adam is willing to share his knowledge of being a top performer in his industry. He is friendly, helpful and inspiring to hear from. His coaching helped take me from 5 loans a month to 17 loans a month.

– Dante Zompetti



Taking a leap of faith, Adam Hires joined the mortgage Loan industry in 2016. His desire to succeed has allowed him to become a Top 1% income earner and loan originator in the US. With his background in Power Lifting, Adam achieved #1 in his weight class which led him to start his first coaching job in Power Lifting and Strength athletics. A lifestyle based on discipline and the motivation to always ‘bet on yourself’, Adam started using his experiences and sales/leadership skills to develop courses to enhance Mortgage Loan Officers skills not only for their businesses but their selves as well.

Refining his personal life and establishing plans to reach career goals helps fuel Adam’s desire to help others learn how to double their income while decreasing their workload. His one on one coaching programs help educate individuals on goal setting, improving negotiation skills, strengthening client relationships, and building successful business plans.